The new standard in AI for drug discovery
We make the industry's most advanced platform for small molecule drug discovery, supercharging chemists during lead generation, lead optimization, and animal testing.
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Current AI has made progress in potency prediction by using cut-and-paste techniques from image and speech recognition.
Our AI platform is based in part on PotentialNet, which uses a more expressive molecular representation specifically designed for chemical insights. The field-leading performance is boosted by a spate of additional proprietary technologies. The methods behind Genesis were invented at Stanford in one of the top molecular AI labs in the world.
For more details, see the early version of PotentialNet published in ACS Central Science.
Evan Feinberg, Ph.D.
CEO, Co-founder
Evan received a degree in physics from Yale and a biophysics Ph.D. from Stanford working in Vijay Pande's lab. During his time at Stanford, he invented PotentialNet and consulted on deep learning for big pharma.
Ben Sklaroff
VP Engineering, Co-founder
Ben received a degree in EECS from UC Berkeley, then joined Markforged when it was still in a garage. He led the software team there as Markforged became the 10th fastest growing company in North America.
James Schaeffer, Ph.D.
VP Business Strategy, Co-founder
James spent more than 28 years at Merck, where he was Executive Director of Licensing, responsible for identification and evaluation of all West Coast licensing opportunities.
Peppi Prasit, Ph.D.
Acting CSO
Peppi co-founded Inception Sciences as well as Amira Pharmaceuticals. Previously, as a medicinal chemist at Merck he played a key role in the discovery and development of FDA-approved drugs Vioxx®, Arcoxia®, and Singulair®.
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